17 April 2014

Daily Rambles

Mom sitting my mom today cause she got a tooth pulled. She looked so cute when she walked back into the door at home cause she looked like a chipmunk.  I feel bad for her though cause she has to be on a liquid diet for the next 2 days.  Not being able to eat is probably the worst thing ever.  To me anyways. ...I need food.

With my new role starting up next week I've been able to have some me time and I have to say...I've been bored.  Maybe I'm just too use to having a schedule but all this downtime is driving me nuts!!!  I'll probably wish I had some alone time though once I head back into work. Ah well, it is what it is. 

The great thing about this week off are the....NAPS!  ..I think I might even go for one right about now.

27 August 2013

Needles and Capsules

I absolutely despise needles.  There is nothing in this world that could terrify me more than a simple prick to the arm.  Here are a few examples on just what we're dealing with here:

1) For Kindergarten, we're all suppose to take K shots.  I was so scared I literally screamed on the top of my lungs while flinging my left arm as the nurse tried to inject me.  They had to hold me down and for a week I couldn't lift my arm because it was so tense. 

2) In grade 5, I had to take a measles shot with Amanda at the school were we had choir practice.  I went before her and naturally..screamed on the top of my lungs again while crying like I was crazy.  I'm pretty sure I fucked her up cause it was probably the most horrifying thing she had ever witnessed at 10. 

3) I avoided getting a blood test from 2006..to October of 2012.  Yep, my first ever blood test was last year and the only reason I went was because my Dr. told me I could use the Emla patch to numb the area so I wouldn't feel the prick. 

That first blood test was probably the worst experience I've ever had in my entire life.  I cried from the time I put on the patch (1.5 hours before) to the car-ride there, to the time that it finished.  The nurse put me in a private room where I was able to lie down while my mom sat next to me holding my hand as I was freaking the fuck out. 

Like..you haven't seen crazy until you've seen me getting a blood test.  It is that bad. 

Anyways, to make a long story short...after that one time I've probably had ..3 blood tests since then.   It still isn't easy and it still requires what it feels like an army to hold me down but the emla patch does help.  You can't feel a thing but the anticipation and the idea of it not working is enough to send me towards a downward spiral.  I am so exhausted by the end of it...my day is a complete write off.  My adrenaline gets so high I just end up crashing and burning. 

So imagine..when I have to get 2 shots in one day.

Lord!!!!!  Okay, so what happened was a couple months ago I did an ultrasound on my neck on this bump I've had since I was a kid.  They couldn't get a good enough read on it so they ordered me a MRI.  My Dr. assured me that it was non-invasive and no shots would be needed.  I believed her as she is well aware of my fear ..but of course..the night before I decide to google MRI's.  I'm starting to read information on how some patients require something called a 'Contrast' which is a dye they inject into  you and it helps show the image better?  SOmething like that.  Anyways, my heart is starting to beat a little faster..the insides of my knees and arms are starting to tingle (it does that when I get nervous) .....this is probably the worst thing that could happen to me just before I go to bed.  CRAP!!!

The next morning I called the hospital first thing and of course..my fear is confirmed.  Although it's not necessary for all patients...it could happen.  Great, fantastic, YAY!  I jump out of bed and go hunting for any Emla patches left.  Obviously I've used every single one so I had to go out and grab some more before running some errands before I was due at the hospital. 

Fast forward to the MRI scan.  I have to say..it looked pretty cool..almost like a spaceship capsule or some sort but it is nothing like the ones you see in movies/tv.  In my mind and apparently online as well...they say MRI scanners are super comfortable and you have loads of space next to you.  Honestly..I felt like I was trapped in a tube.  It was cozy, don't get me wrong but it was far from what people said it was like.  Online they even said it would be so comfortable you could end up dozing off into a nap.   I find that hard to believe because the scanning was SO loud.  I literally thought there was a boombox next to each ear so I can only imagine just how loud it really was if I hadn't had the earplugs.  At times I even though it sounded like beats in a Nicki Minaj song or something because it was so heavy.      I didn't enjoy that nor did I enjoy the fact they did end up having to inject me with the Contrast in the end.  I didn't want to but they said the radiologist requested it since the picture wasn't coming out as great as they wanted it to be.

So you can imagine the tears, the sweats, the anxiety...OMG. They even hooked me up to a small IV with saline afterwards which made me want to throw up.  Not because of a reaction or anything but the fact that I knew there was something dangling from my arm.  That wasn't even the worst part of it all..I couldn't even fully burst out in cry because you're not suppose to be moving during a scan.  For 30 minutes I had to hold in every speck of fear inside of me while I cried silently for my mom.  ---I am such a child.    After it was all done and over with, I literally cried for 5 minutes in the washroom by myself.  The patient in the next room probably thought I was dying or something. 

After the hospital I had to make my way for my annual physical at my Drs.  I didn't plan on having the 2 appointments on the same day or anything..but it just happened that way.  The MRI appointment I had was actually a cancellation from someone else so they gave the spot to me.  If I hadn't gone yesterday the nurse said I would have had to wait until next year.   YIKES! 

So went to the Drs.  Everything looks fine and dandy....then I asked her about the HPV shot. 

Now, if you guys read my tweets or anything..you'll know I am very supportive of the free HPV shots girls get now from their schools.  Society is very different nowadays from when I was growing up and it's not a surprise that sex is becoming more "popular" at a younger age.  I think a lot of young people just see sex as sex and they don't understand the health issues it can come with.

Anyways, the reason why I asked my Dr. about the vaccination was because:

1) I've always wanted to get this vaccination, but with my needle phobia I just brushed it off.  Plus it's $400 for 3 shots!  I'm not stingy when it comes to things I need..but $400 is a bit steep IMO.

2) Recently Fraser Health announced women under 26 can now get free HPV shots as Fraser Health has an X-amount of vaccinations left over from..the unused vaccinations for the highschoolers I assume. 

So when I found out I could get it for free...it just seemed like a smart thing to do despite how scared I was.  Luckily my mom came with me to the Dr. too so I felt a lot better knowing she could be with me in the room supporting me.  I didn't use the Emla patch because..well there was no time to throw it on.  It takes about an hour for it to be effective and there's no way the nurse could wait that long to inject me.  Plus, I didn't feel as scared as it was on the outside of my arm and I knew the injection wasn't going to linger like a blood test or IV would be.    I will say though, as much as I didn't like the prick of the needle...I think the pain after hurt more.  All last night and even today my arm is so sore and the area is kinda swollen.  By 11PM I couldn't take the pain anymore and called the Nurses Line to see if it was okay to take a tylenol cause I wasn't sure if it could be mixed with the Contrast from earlier that morning.  He said "Take 2...HPV shots are known for causing muscle aches."


Anyways....just another day in the life....

12 August 2013


  • Whatever happened to Cactus Club's 'Spicy Shrimp Linguini?'  Or Joey's 'Jungle Noodle Salad?' Or the best dessert of my life..Joey's 'Bread Pudding?'  Good lord, these places always take off the best food items don't they?  Joey's recently took off their mushroom soup and let me tell ya...I was not a happy camper.   I really have no story behind this, just simply ranting.
  • My eyes hurt to the point that I can feel my sockets struggling.  Probably because I have staring at the computer and phone all day.  Just my luck.
  • Michael and I went to the beach on Saturday for a picnic dins.  It was spesh--it has always been a dream date of mine and now I can finally cross it off my list.
  • ^ What list?  This might sound lame but I wrote this list of "Romantic Things" when I was ..19? that I wish would happen to me.  I still have it to this day and even though I haven't read it in awhile..I know the picnic one was something I wanted. 
  • I'm really digging the ankle pumps as of late.  Super cute...but could be a shoe tan issue.


03 May 2013

Happy Friday!!

Untitled #7

Today is just simply GORGEOUS.  17+ degree weather...half off frapps...what's not to love?  I woke up a little later than I wanted today so I rushed to get ready.  At first I was going to wear a skirt but I am still pretty disgusted by my cut that's starting to scab over.  So I was determined to wear pants.  But with what?  The loose blouse I had on was perfect for today's weather..then it hit me.  White pants. 

Now, everyone knows white is a terrible colour choice for curvy chicks like myself..but it's all about the fit.  If it's skin tight..chances are it won't look good.  So I rummaged through my closet and found a pair of white tailored pants from Banana Republic (those pants I have in the same style but a gazillion colours).  Poi-fect!

I still would have preferred my pants to be more slimming like jeans..but I don't have any.  That's fine though, these will do.  Looked in the mirror, thought it needed a little something else...then it hit me.  My mom's cuba-esque straw hat.


I've been dying to get a pedi done so I had to wear flats, but something like this would look SO cute with a pair of sandals.  Which by the way, I NEED those Tory Burch sandals.   She's probably my most favorite designer right now that offers super cute items at a not so bad price.  Now don't get me wrong, she's still in the designer price bracket but her quality of goods is really nice for what it is.  I would say her price comparison is close to Michael Kors. 

...Hmm.  Sorry, I'm a bit distracted right now because my dad just downloaded Starbuck's free app of the week.   It's some game for highschool kids or something and all I hear is this bell constantly going off.

What else is new?

Well only a month left before my brother comes home for the summer!!!  Normally we would see him in April but with his schedule a little different now we have to wait until June.  However, I'm really excited for him because he gets to do a practicum when he's back!  He is getting placed in a doctors office while he's home and shadow a physician before he heads back in August.   It's all so exciting to me...maybe even more exciting than it is for him...and I'm not sure why.  Maybe because  I know I could never do something like this so it excites me to see someone who is able to...do it?  Maybe.    All in all, I'm super stoked for his return and can't wait to do stupid shit with him.   Or just play pranks on him.  Probably the latter.  I annoy the eff out of him everytime.  :D

Okay, that's enough for now.  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!

30 April 2013

Happy Tax Day! (Not!)

So apparently, last week was Administration week.  I don't know if this is a celebrated week..everywhere or just something Joe Fortes made up.  (Anyone know?)  Anyways, for the past 2 years (maybe even more) a week in April, Joe Fortes will grant you a 2 for 1 lunch special if you work an administration position.  All you have to do is show your business card for proof (that you are an administrative employee) and you get this deal for your table!  Value is good for a meal up to $36 which is a very good deal if you ask me considering on average a plate costs about ...$20 for lunch.  My friend/coworker K is the administrator for the other side of our office so she was able to score us this deal..TWICE.  Yep, we totally went twice. :p 

I love Joe Fortes, so it wasn't surprising when they gave us FULL portions too.  Some restos love to be cheap and skimp out on the quality/quantity when there are promos going on. 

Fish tacos.  4 HUGE pieces of halibut deepfried with soft taco shells, pico de gallo, guacamole and garlic aioli.
Halibut fish and chips with fries, cole slaw and tartar sauce.
Joes Gold.
Seafood Linguini Carbonara.  Bay scallops, shrimp and chorizo sausage.
Open face steak sandwich with onion rings and mixed greens.
Excuse the quality of photos for the 2nd set.  We sat over in the corner where it was a lot dimmer than when we were sitting at the bar last time.  Anyways, food was good and it's SO filling.  We could never finish our meal because it was just THAT much food.   Thanks to K for getting me on in this deal! 
Last Wednesday night another act of clumbsy was performed by yours truly.  I don't know how these things always happen to me but it just does.  Okay so I'm getting out of my shower, wiping the water off my legs and all while it's rested on the side of the tub.  I'm about to lower my right leg when...BAM!  It totally made friends to the side of the metal track of the sliding glass door.  Now..I don't know how I did it..but I managed to scrape off a layer of skin just below my knee and got a bruise in 2 spots.  One ontop/under the scraped area AND on the kneecap when my leg went down.   Goodness. 
I just kept on saying 'FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK AWWWWW FUCKKKK' cause it hurt so bad!  At first it wasn't bleeding but then..omg it just pooled at the open wound.  I get physically ill when I see blood/cuts/scrapes/anything that looks like it hurts so I was freaking out...BAD.  I threw some clothes but pants were the worst.  I didn't want any fabric to touch the wound so I had to ninja that shiz.  Then I hobbled out of my room yelling "..HALPPP! HALPPPP!"  while my parents were busy slicing and dicing chicken for cat food.  THen my mom hears me and she comes into the entrance area where it opens up to the stairway and goes,  "..What now?"  Almost as if it was typical of me to be calling for their aid.  I told her what happened and she kinda sighs and starts walking up the stairs shaking her head.  Of course.
After she cleaned my wound and bandaged me up..she said to me, "seriously..I think you should get another tetnus shot.  You always get hurt!" 
Then a flood of clumbsy acts came into my mind.  These 2 are just a snippet for your enjoyment.  Granted these happened eons ago...but just think how much more did happen over the past 26 years. 
1)  I fell off a riser in grade 5 during a choir rehearsal.  I don't know how this was even possible, but I was on the top row and when the music teacher told us to step down and sit..I just sat down.  Sat down onto air and fell backwards like a dumbass.  Luckily I didn't break my arm or anything but I sprained it pretty badly and had it in a cast for a month or 2.    There was no positive in this except after that year...my elementary school started placing foamy/plastic mats on the bottom behind the risers.  Apparently I set the bar for saftey.  I'm pretty sure they still do this.  I'm probably 'that student' that kids nowadays make fun of and say "WHO WOULD FALL OFF A RISER?" 
2)  I got a small rock stuck inside my left palm in Kindergarten.  Again, I don't know how this was even possible but it was possible for me.  I was playing outside in the courtyard, which use to be a gravel area with swings/slides etc etc when I, obviously, tripped and stopped myself with my hands as I landed.  My left palm must have slid forward as I fell and a rock decided to itself a home..INSIDE MY PALM.  Flipped the fuck out, my teacher had to call my mom who then took me to a doctor who said the only thing we could do was let it soak in salt water daily until the rock slid itself out.  I'm pretty sure there is a scar on my hand as I can still "see" where the rock was.  Sometimes I think maybe it's just the 'design' on our palms but no, I'm pretty sure it's a scar. 
What's even worse about the whole thing was I even found the layer of skin that was scraped off on the metal track.  UGH.  The area is still pretty bruised up and I'm always forgetting area is the size of an orange now.  Climbing back into bed is when my knee just gives out from the pain and I mentally remind myself to not to do it again.  But of course..I always forget.
Or maybe it's..TAX PAIN.  HA HA HA...
But seriously, I feel the pain. 
Been on my website grind as of late.  I've been wanting to launch my new website for a few months now but it has been a slow drive getting things together.  However, got my bestie to help me out with the designing process and hopefully it should be up and running within the next month or so! 
Okay, that's enough for today.  Enjoy the last day of APRIL!!!!!!!